801 Keyboard

A case for Novatouch and Coolermaster Keyboards.


  • TKL Case for Novatouch
  • Top and Bottom Piece Design
  • Bottom Mount
  • 7 Degree Angle
  • USB-C Adapter


  • 80% Layout + 1st series + Novatouch = 801-N
  • We are fans of the TKL design. It gives room for your keys to 'breath' compared to a 75% or even 96-key. Naturally our first design is for our favorite TKL: The Novatouch from Coolermaster. It was highly inspired by the Norbatouch by Ryan Norbauer.
  • Unlike the Norbatouch it features large filleted top piece that fits on top of the bottom piece. The seams are mostly invisible. It also allows for neat color coordination of the top and bottom pieces. The front and back of the top piece are perfect half circles with a small chamfer on the ends. This a call back to the wonderful CA66 design.

Realease Info:

  • We are still designing this case. We aim to have a prototype in late summer 2019 or early fall 2019. After a successful prototype the design files will be released.