What this service is

I will design a bespoke keyboard case for you. I have experience working in 3D CAD and can make your designs happen. I offer a fair priced service to help people get their projects going.

My services provide you with:

  • Bespoke from scratch case design
  • CAD files for case parts and plates you can give to a factory
  • Technical Drawings for the parts
  • After service including small modification or design changes.

They do not provide:

  • Production / Assembly of any kind
  • Dealing with factories
  • QC of the produced parts

What you must provide:

  • A keyboard layout
  • A solid idea – It’s okay if you want to discuss things with me and brainstorm ideas, but please have a good idea what you want. Pictures are always helpful.
  • Good expectations – Materials and machinery have limitations. Metal walls can only be so thin, corners can only be so sharp, etc.
  • Understanding of what you’re getting into. My service provides you files that you can pass on to a factory to produce the design. Small batch production is not cheap.

Examples of previous commissioned designs


  • Simple

    This plan is for simple keyboard designs. That would be a top mount 65% for example. Can include a plate, weight, top and bottom.

    $200 / €165

  • Complex

    This plan is for complex designs. That would be a design with a gasket mount or integrated plate.

    $300 / €250

  • Modification

    If you already have a design and want it updated or changed, I can take a look. Prices depend on complexity.

    Please note: You must have the CAD files available for your design. I cannot modify certain file types like obj or stl.

    From: $75/ €60

How it works

  1. You contact me with your idea and we talk details. We agree on a price for the work needed.
  2. I create an invoice on Paypal which you pay 50% up front and 50% when the job is complete
  3. We work together on your board and I give you updates along the way.
  4. I present you a final design for inspection and if happy you pay the last 50% and I deliver the files

How to reach me

You can find me in several ways:

Reddit: /u/spooknik


Discord: spooknik#7853


You can check my previous design here. It includes a download that you can inspect.

In the past I have done PCB designs, but it’s not my primary focus. There are a lot of people who do PCB designers cheaper and quicker than me.

With the case design I always include where the USB port will be and make an outline of a PCB. The outline of the PCB and alignment info can be passed onto a PCB designer who can use it to make sure everything will fit together.

If you want to use a pre-made daughterboard such as Unified-Daughterboard I can include that in the case design without problems.

With respect to other designers I will not straight rip off people’s designs for you. If you have an idea based on a design that’s another story.

Prices are set after careful consideration. I first of all want to make it worth my while to work on designs. I put time, effort and free time into each design. But I also want to help people get their designs going so they can make their keyboards come to life.

Bespoke designs are normally around 10 times what I charge, so I feel the price is fairly decent.

The prices are also set in a way that will attract serious offers.

For starters, I have 52 confirmed trades on Mechmarket. I’ve sold some very expensive things there and always made sure the deal went great.

The other thing is I will always have you pay my through Paypal Goods and Services. It means you have the right to dispute the transaction if something goes wrong.

Yes, but I may decline. Often this task is not easy because you need exact measurements. You can scan the plate and send it to me, but this is a really long and time consuming process. I may decline because I’m too busy or don’t think the result will be accurate.

Yes, in general I’m happy to correct things or make small changes. A small change might be adjusting the height of the board or moving a hole, etc. I reserve the right to not provide this service if you are spamming or abusing this. I’ll take it on a case by case basis.

I draw the line at a major change like going from 60% to 65%. In this case I would ask for an additional fee.