Design Philosophy

Our designs have intent and purpose behind them. We’ll explain our philosophy behind the design choices we made.

All of our designs are very much inspired by Dieter Rams and Scandinavian Modern movement.

Rams emphasized minimalism and simplicity in his designs, we hold the values very highly. We believe less is more and it is the key to timeless design that will maintain is relevance. Scandinavian Modern movement also emphasized minimalism and simplicity but it stressed the combination of art and functionalism. It also stressed that products should be accessible to the population as much as possible because everyone has the right to enjoy a well designed product.

We outline the 4 main design pillars we most value:


Simplicity and elegance over complicated and unintuitive.

Our designs will never be visually loud or busy. Everything you see is what you get. No outward facing branding. No slapping our logo on every surface.


Things should be pleasing to the user's eyes. Form follows function however.

Our designs will always try to look their best. Uninterrupted lines when possible; hidden seams and screws.


A product should serve a purpose. It should function as what it is. The design should be hinder it's ability to function. Its functionality should be clear and not leave the user in doubt of what it is or what it can do.

Our designs will never prevent or make it difficult for the user to type.


Our designs are open source because they should be accessible to as many people as possible.

Good design should be enjoyed by all. We aim to fix this by making offering quality design services for reasonable prices. Anyone with a good idea should be able to see their board come to life.