We are Keyboard Collective!

We are a design studio that wants to put designs in the hands of as many people as possible. We believe that group buys should be run by anyone who is capable of doing so and designs shouldn’t be hidden away in their own corner.

Why open source?

1.) By making designs open source the community can have direct input on keyboard designs. This benefits everyone because the best designs can come forth and people get the ideas and features they want represented in the end products. In the end everyone gets a better keyboard.

2.) We are not interested in profit and generally design things without the expectation of getting money back for our labor. Keyboard are our hobby, our passion and our love. We don’t want to mix that up with commercial interest.

3.) Good design is subjective. As designers we design things with certain values and ideas in mind. These are our opinions and preferences on what we think would be a good product. Yours might be different and you have the ability to change the design to your liking.

Our members:

Steven (Spooknik) Phillips
Digital  Marketer | Industrial Designer


I have a passion for good design, marketing and the humanities.