Upcoming Projects – Spring 2019

651 Keyboard Release & Group Buy

We are soon finishing up the 651 Keyboard and the only missing piece is the PCB, which we’ll order from JLCPCB and build to confirm its working.

At the same time, we’ll contact some manufactures and sellers to see if they want to do a group buy.

201 Numpad Prototype

We’ll do a quick prototype of the 201 Numpad in May. The cost of prototyping a numpad is a lot less than a full keyboard. So it’s a nice side project.

801 Keyboard

We’re working on a new design for a Ten-keyless keyboard. It will be called the 801 (80% – 1st design). It will be a rounded design with unique edges. It will feature:

  • Two Piece Design
  • Internal Weight
  • Top Mount
  • Dual USB C (Hopefully with working pass-through)
  • MX & Alps (Support for AEK F-row)
  • Flexible PCB and Plate