651 Prototype 2: Underway

We are happy to announce that we’ve just put in an order for the second prototype of the 651 keyboard. After learning a lot from the first prototype, we made some changes and tweaks to make the board even better. In short they are:

  • Rounder corners
  • Improved side profile
  • Larger (heavier) weight (sits flush with bottom)
  • Larger rubber feet
  • All parts use M3 X 6 mm screws
  • Alps support
  • Small tweaks to make CNC’ing easier

POM Plate

We’re trying something new with this prototype. We’ve ordered a switch plate made from POM. Maybe people have made plates from polycarbonate, acrylic and even PBT. But we wanted to try POM. Since this is a top mount design, the increased flexibility of POM can be translated into a cushioned typing experience. We’ll see when we get the prototypes!